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Top Technology Expert Dave Krause Brings Latest in IT and Cybersecurity to Growing Businesses with RiseUp Technologies


For over two decades, Los Angeles based IT specialist Dave Krause has served to bring the country’s leading Hollywood studios and Fortune 500 corporations into the modern era of information technology, designing and constructing vital new technological infrastructure and support across various industry verticals and market sectors.

He’s done this holding key positions at tentpole studios including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros Animation and Comedy Central, and for blockbuster film franchises, such as X-Men, The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek: Nemesis, Godzilla, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America, for example.

Krause is now leveraging his decades of technological innovation and knowledge within these substantial arenas to build and manage cutting edge technologies for growing small and midsize businesses, while also helping generate critical awareness on the latest in take-no-prisoners cybersecurity threats facing down businesses.

In a crowded field of homogenous IT companies, RiseUp takes a completely new approach in what has been oversaturated by mostly transactional based providers often looking to upsell their customers and quickly get them out the door.

Through RiseUp, Krause takes a completely relationship-based customer service approach, providing state-of-the-art solutions and white-glove treatment for their technological needs, simplifying it so that all clients are kept fully informed and empowering them to become part of the process along the way, no matter how complicated it first may seem. Beyond solely fixing the hot IT issues of the day, Krause believes that an IT partner should be focused on where the business is ultimately headed so they can guide them along, all the while leveraging the latest technologies and platforms to accelerate growth.

Beyond simply servicing clients with the latest in emerging tech including Cloud and Virtual technologies, Machine Learning and AI integration, backup and disaster recovery, and Metro-based data replication, Krause also helps educate his company’s clients on the significant cybersecurity threats that are plaguing businesses worldwide, including Ransomware.

Unlike viruses and malware, which most consumers and business owners are already aware pose various destructive risks, this particular cybersecurity threat is perhaps the least known by those outside the IT industry, and yet arguably the most lethal, often destroying businesses virtually overnight.

Through RiseUp Technologies, Krause remains fully committed to being briefed on a daily basis, keeping up to date on this threat, and putting him in the unique position to keep his clientele shielded from it. He also hopes to bring greater education to the public about the impact of Ransomware and how one can protect their livelihood from being destroyed by it.

“Cybersecurity is now of utmost importance to growing companies as well as established enterprises,” says Krause. “Hackers are now leveraging AI and are aiming their automated attacks at random targets, at even the smallest entities or individuals. Essentially if you have an internet connection, you’re vulnerable. Most SMBs believe they have little valuable data – until they realize that all of their files, emails, spreadsheets, etc., can be locked in an instant and held for tens of thousands in ransom to an untraceable entity halfway across the world.”

“It’s happening much more often than people think, mainly because no one is willing to report it publicly for fear of tarnishing their reputation or brand. We often get frantic calls asking about what to do after a ransomware attack – and even the FBI proclaims that unless you have good backups and a tested disaster recovery plan – the only recourse is to pay the ransom or go out of business.”

“Being proactive and getting your cybersecurity in order is key, because once you’re hit it’s too late!”

For more information on RiseUp Technologies, visit https://riseuptech.com.