RiseUp offers Emerging Technology Services to match the latest cutting-edge tech with proven platforms and techniques to Elevate your business!

“Going to the Cloud” can mean a number of things in today’s evolution of the internet.   It’s important to realize that leveraging Cloud Services can be seen as a ubiquitous strategy for many companies in the modern age, however not all solutions are for everyone and certainly not all solutions are the same!  RiseUp Technologies can help steer companies to the right solutions appropriate for their size, complexity, and goals as they venture into the Cloud.

Many companies are not aware of some of the Cloud Services that may be leveraged to help them lower their overall costs.  For example, one of the new technologies small and mid-sized companies struggle to take advantage of is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).  Also known as Cloud UC or Hosted VoIP – UCaaS is a Cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for companies to purchase, maintain, and continuously upgrade their on-site phone or video conference systems.  UCaaS also allows companies to future-proof their businesses and eliminate multiple vendors or multiple monthly bills for these services while empowering their staff to focus on their core competencies. This solution includes many productive features and efficient business benefits:


  • High Definition (HD) IP Telephony, Video Calling and voicemail / fax-to-email
  • Advanced applications such as Multi-Party Conferencing & Collaboration, Call Center & IVR
  • Mobility and productivity tools such as Soft Phone, IM, Presence & Click-to-Dial
  • Call Recording and Call Accounting / Reporting
  • SIP Trunking for planned migration from legacy PBX to Cloud


  • Eliminate or substantially reduce Capital Expenditure; pay as monthly service
  • Eliminate premises-based equipment and associated maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Rapid Deployment and future-proof technology
  • Only activate and pay for what you need, enjoy scaleability without incurring equipment cost
  • Gain Fail-Over, Disaster Recovery & Security in the Cloud

RiseUp Technologies can help your company identify technologies that will help lower your monthly operational expenses, give your company a technological advantage/update, or a combination of the two.  RiseUp’s technology experts work with you to identify where your company’s unique business intersects with your unique technology needs, helping you to RiseUp and Elevate to the most efficient, profit-driven company possible!

Tired of dealing with your inexperienced IT admin or small support staff?  Are they just not appropriately experienced or too busy to handle the more encompassing, mission critical tasks?  Have you always wanted to seek senior guidance and expert opinion on your business needs but just couldn’t afford another full time staff member?  Virtual CTO is for you!

RiseUp will provide a senior resource to your business on a monthly basis flexible to your budget to handle the big picture tasks you decide.  The assigned vCTO can also provide team growth plans and mentorship so your existing IT staff can evolve their skills and efficiencies over time.  Contact us for an overview session and pricing on this unique service offering!