Why RiseUp?

Clear and Concise

We are an uber-knowledgeable group of highly skilled professionals ready to provide rock solid, straight forward, and cost-conscious solutions matched to your unique technology challenges. Talk to any of our staff and you won’t miss our unmistakable talent: we take complicated problems and provide you with straight forward solutions – we make tech understandable! No matter what trials and tribulations your company has been through or still may be experiencing… our business is finding you a clear avenue for Success – we give it to you straight!

Relationship Based Customer Service

We consider ourselves a modern IT Services Boutique. No pushy sales people or socially awkward IT geeks here. We gel with YOU and your team to provide the no-nonsense straight forward tech solutions and service relationship you’ve always wanted for your business. Our clients are not just ‘business transactions’ as so many legacy IT providers have regarded their customer base. We constantly strive to Rise Up above this mentality. Our clients are Family – when you’re successful, we’re successful!

Character and Integrity

We are upfront and honest about billing, support expectations, and contingencies. Our team members are thoroughly vetted, well trained, and are responsible for some of the most stringent security practices in the business. We are your Partner and we always stand behind our team, services, and solutions to ensure your Success.

Vendor Neutrality

We provide the Right solutions for your business needs – period. You won’t find “one product for every problem” here. If we can’t provide you the best fit for your scenario, we’ll point you in the right direction. RiseUp prides itself in aligning your exact needs with the right solutions!